Queen of Hearts Rules

Queen of Hearts
Queen of Hearts
  1. A game board with a beginning jackpot of 600.00 points will be displayed in a locked case in the Post Canteen.
  2. You must be a member of a recognized military organization or spouse thereof.
  3. Tickets will be sold in strips of 8 for 5.00 points with no limit on how many you may purchase. Do not put mailing labels or otherwise alter the tickets. If altered the ticket will be voided.
  4. When you purchase a ticket for the drawing print your first and last name (as shown on your MEMBERSHIP CARD) and phone number on the back of the ticket along with the CARD NUMBER you choose 1-54, excluding the numbers that have previously been drawn. If your ticket is pulled and it does not have a number on it another ticket will be pulled. If the number on your ticket has already been selected, that ticket will be void and another ticket will be drawn. Be sure to look at the game board before selecting a number.
  5. Queen of Hearts drawings will be held every Wednesday evening at 6:00PM, excluding holidays or special events that fall on a Wednesday.
  6. If your ticket is drawn with a number, that number on the board will be revealed. If the chosen card is the Queen of Hearts, as the winner you will receive the jackpot, if present.
  7. If your ticket is drawn and the Queen of Hearts is chosen and you are not present for the drawing, as the winner you will receive 50% of the jackpot.
  8. Each week after the drawing all non-winning tickets will be destroyed IMMEDIATELY.
  9. If your card drawn is a Joker, you win 25.00 points if present. Queen of Hearts wins as stated above. Should any issues arise, the Queen of Hearts committee will be the decision-making body. Once the Queen of Hearts is selected the game board will no longer be in play and a new jackpot and game will begin.

Revised 26 Sep 2023